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The network of EnergyMatching results is based in three pillars

Methodological framework and business vision

Adaptable and adaptive skin technologies

Building and district energy     LAN

Progress on the EnergyMatching tool for a better design of BIPV (November 2018)

EURAC and HDA in collaboration with the rest of the consortium have released an innovative tool for designing cost-effective BIPV (EnMa-mod tool).. The tool combines 3D CAD, ray-tracing techniques, hourly comparison between electric demand and production, basic quantitative finance and optimization techniques.  As inputs, the tool uses the geometry, the electric demand of a building, techno-economic parameters and a weather file, the output is the correct system capacity and the best installation areas. The main factors at play are the scale and shape of the electric demand (along the day and along the seasons), and the sunlight availability (including shadings, hourly path of the sun and seasonal effects). The ultimate aim of the tool is to boost the installations of BIPV by providing a clear and credible view on the life-time energy and economic performance of the system. The optimization of the BIPV system in the early architectural design can guarantee profitability of the investment and provide a creative constrain in the initial design concept facilitating the architectural integration of BIPV.

The tool has been already tested using the EnergyMatching demonstration sites. Some examples of visualizations are provided below.

Ludvika demo

Comune di Campi Besenzio demo

Résidence Emile Hauduc demo