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    Demo-Site Summary

    The EnergyMatching project partner TULiPPS has completed the largest Dutch BIPV façade installation on an industrial building. Covering 540 square meter, the installation utilizes TULiPPS innovative Click-&-Go installation system. The solar façade consists of 240 borderless solar panels and 256 aluminium composite cassettes from Plastica. The estimated annual energy (kWh) production of the Van Caem solar façade is 62.000 kWh per year, equal to the average annual energy consumption of 18 households. Within the EnergyMatching project, TULiPPS, Onyx, FerroAmp, and Plastica cooperated to realize the installation.

Dutch Demo-Site building pre-EnergyMatching renovation

Dutch Demo-Site building including EnergyMatching solutions 

The EnergyMatching solutions at the Dutch Demo-Site

BIPV Click-&-Go System

The Click-&-Go BIPV façade is prefabricated and delivered with solar panels as a complete package. The Click-&-Go mounting system is designed to securely and invisibly fasten frameless solar panels of various sizes in either landscape or portrait orientation. This flexible mounting method ensures maximum design freedom for architects and builders.

As a result, unprecedentedly short installation times are realised with minimal risk of errors. An important functionality of the system is that each individual panel can be easily detached. This is essential for low maintenance costs. Another unique feature is that solar panels and traditional façade materials can be combined in a single mounting system. The Click-&-Go mounting system can be used up to a height of 200 metres.

Visualisation of value exchange among different energy district stakeholders Platform is the digital toolbox and platform for architects, designers and facade builders to design, calculate and optimize BIPV solutions more easily, better and cheaper in terms of costs and or yield, and then implement them efficiently and flawlessly for both new-build and renovation projects.

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Technology Features

The technology aims at a cost reduction on all process steps from architectural design of the facade lay-out until manufacturing of parts and installation of the modules on the building. The design of the technology has been optimized according to the following process steps:

  • - A wide variety of PV module sizes and passive panels can be mounted using the TULiPPS Click-&-Go mounting system.

  • - Modules can be positioned in portrait or landscape position

  • - Modules can be mounted flat on the facade or tilted.

  • - Designed for easy installation

  • - Once the vertical rails have accurately been fixed on the construction wall, the installers do not need a fixation tool to mount the modules, consequently they have their hands free for safe and ergonomic placement of the modules.

  • - Modules can be taken out and replaced individually for repair and replacement

Visualisation of value exchange among different energy district stakeholders

Demo-Site Partner

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