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Demo Sites

The EnergyMatching solutions will be demonstrated in three demo cases, which have a large replication potential in terms of climatic conditions, law and regulation framework, type of ownership, buildings’ architectural features and social-cultural environment.

Demo 1. Résidence Emile Hauduc

Saint Aubin Sur Scie, France

Multifamily dwelling unit built in 1969 and extended (above the existing building) in 1988. The building includes 22 residential units over 1 basement plus 7 stories combining the first construction and the extension.

Demo 2. Comune di Campi Besenzio

Comune di Campi Bisenzio, Italy

Multifamily dwelling unit (MDU) built in 1984. The building includes 12 residential units over four floors, plus common areas.

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Demo 3. Ludvika

Ludvika, Sweden

Multifamily dwelling unit made of three buildings built in 1973. The complex (three buildings) includes 53 apartments over 2 floors and a basement.

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