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EnergyMatching Solutions

The Solar Window Block

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The Solar Window Block is an autonomous modular and flexible solution aimed at improving building energy efficiency and increasing indoor comfort, while also generating energy from a renewable source. 

The EnergyMatching Platform

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The online EnergyMatching Platform aims to support designers and other professionals in maximizing the RES harvesting in their built environment. 

The EnergyMatching Tool

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The EnergyMatching Tool is at disposal on the EnergyMatching Platform to support designers and other professionals who want to integrate a photovoltaic system in a building or in a district.

Click-&-Go technology

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The TULiPPS Click-&-Go system is a novel way to easily install BIPV modules. With Click-&-Go modules, the PV panels can be installed by a single person. 

In EnergyMatching, several Click-&-Go prototypes have been tested at four demo-sites. The panel technology was developed by ONYX, with the installation system developed by TULiPPS. 

Renewable Harvesting for Heat & Ventilation

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Whether it's a cool winter day or a hot afternoon in the summer sun, we need a balanced indoor climate that allows us to have a comfortable living day regardless of the weather. The EnergyMatching renewable harvesting for heat & ventilation innovations provide our demonstration site buildings with cooling, heating, ventilation and hot water, creating a perfect indoor climate with minimal impact on nature.

Building and District Energy harvesting system

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This innovative system aims at creating a highly effective energy management network among different buildings connected to a DC nano-grid.  The system aims at exploiting the maximum quantity of energy produced by RES while minimizing the grid cost. EnergyMatching aims at developing and building EnergyHub from a stand-alone unit to a nano-district EnergyHub connecting groups of buildings, able to create (transform), collect and share energy within the network. This technology enables the possibility to create independent and autonomous local DC networks to improve and maximize the use of self-produced energy. This way the EU energy market would turn into a decentralized, renewable, interconnected energy system.