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The Solar Window Block

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    The Solar Window Block

    The Solar Window Block is an autonomous modular and flexible solution aimed at improving building energy efficiency and increasing indoor comfort, while also generating energy from a renewable source. The window block is a physical framework surrounding the window frame made of insulating materials, composite wood, metal supports and sealing bands. Its design can easily be varied depending on the window hole and the design needs, determining a very flexible solution. In addition, it can guarantee fast and correct installation, minimalization of thermal bridges, and is completely compatible with the rest of principle elements that form the window block: mechanical ventilation system, integrated shading system and integrated BIPV.

Solar Window Block Components

The EnergyMatching Solar Window Block is made up of several components when combined create an holistic and easily integratable solution. On the right, you can find a scheme pointing out its various components of the Solar Window Block and below the corresponding component descriptions. 

1: Insulating frame made of XPS and timber reinforcing elements by Eurofinestra
2: Ventilation Machine with heat recovery (Thesan Aircase ES) 
3: Battery 
4: PV and battery charge controller: Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT)
5: Integrated, motorised and controlled shading blinds by Pellini 
6: Timber and cork window (“Versatile”) by Eurofinestra
7: PV glass-glass module by Onyx
8: PV module mounting structure (“Click&Go”) by Tulipps 


Solar Window Block Concept

This prefabricated, autonomous and multifunctional window presents the following main features:

  • Improvement of the building energy efficiency
  • Improvement of internal comfort
  • Easy and fast installation with lower disturbance to occupants​
  • Autonomous system with renewable energy source harvesting

Three prototypes of the Solar Window Block with BIPV modules were developed for this project

The Sill, Overhang & Vertical types


Vertical BIPV

The vertical BIPV was implemented at the Italian demonstration site


BIPV Overhang    

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