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EnergyMatching Platform

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    The EnergyMatching Platform 

    The online EnergyMatching Platform aims to support designers and other professionals in maximizing the RES harvesting in their built environment. Through the integration of a matchmaking tool, it guides users to meet their own interests and potential exploiting resources developed within the project. An optimization tool suggests optimal configurations of BIPV systems and provides inspiring examples of active building skin solutions (BIPV and Solar Window Block). The Platform also links users to the EnergyMatching technology providers, establishing an important connection with the industry sector.


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Integrated Matchmaking Tool and platform contents

The matchmaking tool consists of a decision tree strucutre that addresses the users' needs and presents the user with targeted solutions. It guides the users to resources from both within the EnergyMatching project as well as outside of the EnergyMatching platform. 

EnergyMatching Tool

On the Platform, the EnergyMatching Tool is available for users that are interested in optimizing their own BIPV system design. With relevant Key Performance Indicators provided, the building's performance is analyzed.  The tool was developed and tested within the EnergyMatching project for the preliminary design of BIPV systems installed in demo buildings. It can be run the users after registering.

Public repository

The public repository provides inspiring examples of optimized BIPV installations and Solar Window Block configurations. A list of KPIs (energy, economy, environment, comfort-related) allows users to have an interesting insight into the solutions' performance. On the top of the pages, a filter selection helps users browsing into the two sections (BIPV and Solar Window Block). 


The Marketplace offers a showcase of technologies developed within the EnergyMatching project. Basic information photos and reference contacts are avaialble for the users interested to know more about some technologies and to get in touch with the related providing companies. 

EnergyMatching platform connections

The platform connects several external resources. The EnergyMatching project website is linked to enable users to explore the overall project. The technology providers’ websites can be reached through the Marketplace page where users are invited to get in touch with many companies and explore the offered energy harvesting solutions. The EnergyMatching Catalogue can be accessed from the platform to give more information on the products and solutions developed within the project. Through the EnergyMatching Platform, the field of research is connected to the industry, the market, and the construction sector. 

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