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    Demo-Site Summary

    This multifamily unit was built in 1969, and an extension (above the existing building) was added in 1988. The building has simple one-plane glazing for windows, staircases and bathrooms. 
    Number of floors: 1 basement + 4 stories in first building + 3 stories in the second building 
    Number of flats: 16 in the existing building + 6 in the extension 
    Energy performance diagnosis: 265 kWh/m²/year final energy

2017: French Demo-Site building pre-EnergyMatching renovation

2022: French Demo-Site building including EnergyMatching solutions and renovation

The EnergyMatching solutions at the French Demo-Site

Solar Window Block

The Solar Window Block is a prefabricated, autonomous and multifunctional window block that integrates an insulating frame, a highly efficient window, integrated, motorised and automated shading venetian blinds, decentralised ventilation unit with heat recovery, PV module and battery to feed the ventilation machine. In the Italian demo case building, the Solar Window Block uses a configuration with a vertical PV below the windows.

Onyx has manufactured the glass-glass PV modules and Tulipps together with Plastica the substructures to install the PV module. Pellini has provided the shading devices together with their actuators and remote control hub. Eurofinestra has manufactured the window and insulating frame, as well as provided and integrated all the rest of required components in the Solar Window Block system.

The Construction & Implementation 

Demo-Site Partner

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