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Click-&-Go PV

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    The Click-&-Go solution

    Fast and easy installation of PV modules with the Click&Go system. 


    The TULiPPS Click&Go system is a novel way to easily install BIPV modules. With Click&Go modules, the PV panels can be installed by a single person. 

    In EnergyMatching, several Click&Go prototypes have been tested at four demo-sites. The panel technology was developed by ONYX, with the installation system developed by TULiPPS. 

    The mean features of the Click&Go system are: 
    -    Easy installation
    -    Metal substructure that allows for various PV integrations, sizes, module types and further integration forms. 
    -    Takes into account heat and cold metal contraction
    -    Successfully tested and integrated at various demo-sites


    Open the platform for configuration

Click-&-Go technical features

The Click-&-Go BIPV facade is prefabricated with solar panels and delivered as a complete package. This allows for unprecedentedly short installation times with minimal risk of errors. An important functionality of the system is that each individual panel can be easily removed. This is essential for low maintenance costs. Another unique feature is that solar panels and traditional façade materials can be combined in a single mounting system.

The Click-&-Go mounting system can be used in every wind zone up to a height of 200 metres.



Further features of the Click&Go system

The plug & play nature of the Click-&-Go system is part of it's advanced design, which also enables easy replacement and removal. With the Click-&-Go system, PV installers can now easily install BIPV installations. 

Glass-Glass PV panels

From Onyx:

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