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A Technical Review of Modeling Techniques for Urban Solar Mobility: Solar to Buildings, Vehicles, and Storage (S2BVS)

Jan. 13, 2021

The deployment of solar photovoltaics (PV) and electric vehicles (EVs) is continuously increasing during urban energy transition. With the increasing deployment of energy storage, the development of the energy sharing concept and the associated advanced controls, the conventional solar mobility model (i.e., solar-to-vehicles (S2V), using solar energy in a different location) and context are becoming less compatible and limited for future scenarios. For instance, energy sharing within a building cluster enables buildings to share surplus PV power generation with other buildings of insufficient PV power generation, thereby improving the overall PV power utilization and reducing the grid power dependence. However, such energy sharing techniques are not considered in the conventional solar mobility models, which limits the potential for performance improvements. Therefore, this study conducts a systematic review of solar mobility-related studies as well as the newly developed energy concepts and techniques. 

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